Tips to get Quality Feedback in Web Design!

Though it might sound like a cliche but showing your design to your colleague before sending it across to the client is the easiest way to get a review. It helps you to know the third-party perspective about the design and you can rectify the mistakes which you have missed in the first place. Usually peers see our work from a user’s point of view and therefore critically evaluate the design for its betterment.


Moreover, getting a valuable feedback on a regular basis improves the overall performance of a designer with time. Before discussing how to get a great feedback, lets’ highlight the significance of getting a true feedback-


It is an easiest way for quality assurance

Quality Assurance is need of the hour, whether you are offering a product or service. One can achieve highest standard of quality only by feedback. When people inspect your work with keen eye, they come across the flaws and mistakes in the design, which can be removed in the earlier stages only. Therefore a five-minute glance at the design can save your hours of hard-work. Hence, it assures quality.


It makes you self-critical

When others review our work, it presses us to critically evaluate our own work. It forces us to be honest about the work done and criticize the things which aren’t upto the mark. This induces a sense of responsibility and a power to become self-critical. Once a designer attains this, he becomes open to criticism and improves a lot.


It equips you with an alternate outlook

We work with a set of mind and create designs which we feel are great from our end. But we tend to forget that our designs will be seen by many people out there and everyone has his own perception. Therefore, getting your designs reviewed by others allow you to gather different viewpoints which can be inculcated for further improvement. Also, you will get to know the reactions of the visitors which are useful and valuable for future work.


Since, now we know why feedback is crucial for the growth and success of a designer, lets’ discuss few tips on how to get good feedback-


Give only a concise justification

While asking for a feedback, you are not supposed to give a long speech to others. Generally people don’t have this much time or patience. A small explanation to your reviewer will do the needful. If it is stretched out, it won’t serve the purpose. The peer won’t be able to pin-point the mistakes clearly.  If you still resort to a long explanation it will be misjudged as you are supporting your inaccuracies. Moreover, if the person reviewing your design isn’t able to understand its functionality instantly, it is an indication that you need to revise or reconsider it.


Return the favor

We ask our peer-designers to review our design because only they can understand the logic and technicalities behind it or at-least from someone who has little knowledge about designing. And if you wish to keep getting the quality feedback, return the favor by giving them a genuine feedback when they need it. Moreover, if you give feedbacks to your peers it will improve your observation power and you will become a keen observer. It helps you in analyzing your own designs in the long run.


Stop being self-protective

One should allow the reviewer to speak his heart out rather than making an environment where he has to think before giving an honest feedback. If a reviewer is sparing you by not sharing his real views on the design, then it will never give you an opportunity to improve. One shouldn’t be defensive or self-protective and should be open to healthy criticism. A bit of criticism now can save you from humiliation in front of client.


Associate with a Community

Though getting reviews from your peers is a credible source of feedback but one can also try one’s hand on few sites that offer similar type of critiques. For this type of feedback, one needs to be associated with these websites. These are the online sources of feedback and can offer you an effective and constructive review. But you need to be constantly seen on the site and be active by commenting on other’s work as well.


Don’t forget to ask target audience

Though asking for feedback from professionals is extremely helpful but we should always bear in mind that ultimately the design is meant for the target audience. So, make sure you don’t forget to take the opinion of end-users. For instance, if you are designing an app for beginners, getting feedback from peers won’t be worthwhile. Reason being, they are experts in it and can’t evaluate from a beginner’s point of view. So, for the genuine feedback, make sure you define a specific audience and then show designs to him before confirming it.


All in all, getting a true and real feedback is very crucial for the improvement of skills. A genuine feedback can help a designer to progress further and expand his area of operations. Working on an effective feedback can induce a sense of accomplishment in him along with boosting his morale.


So, let the feedback flow in and give wings to your creativity!


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