Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate Of Website

Bounce Rate!!!


What is bounce rate..??

Well, bounce rate is nothing more than a percentage which tells you how interesting your website is to your incoming visitors. In simple term you calculate the bounce rate through the following easy method.


Higher the bounce rate: BAD BAD

Lower the bounce rate: GOOD GOOD

Bounce rate is directly connected to the decrease in traffic/rankings and the overall performance of your website. A high percentage of bounce rate tells us about a websites weakness.


So in this article I want to address various points which might help you reduce your bounce rate.


1. Improve load time or Faster Speed:

It is important that firstly you should choose a good hosting provider which hosts your site. Make sure your website, especially your homepage does not have extremely heavy graphics which leave the user wondering as to what’s gonna happen. Trust us, no one has time.


2. Relevant content

Imagine going into an eating joint which has the board saying ” GREAT ITALIAN GOOD” and when you walk in, they only serve Chinese  This is the same thing with your online visitors. If your visitor is searching for website design, and you promote that page for web design – but are showing content of logo designs….. you are most likely to loose your visitor. The visitor would simply glance through the page and if the content is not relates OR is not accurate and simple gibberish to fool search engines he would leave within tops 10 seconds, resulting in …. yeah right… higher BOUNCE RATE!


3. Avoid POP ups
Well if this was the early 2000’s i would not have placed this one in. Guys come on, the age of pop ups is OVER. DEAD. POOF. However, i am always surprised to see them even on corporate websites. Seeing a POP UP = Something spammy is going to happen in today’s internet visitor. So avoid them at any cost.


4. Provide better navigation

A well defined structure and easy access to content and important areas show that a visitor will end up spending more time on your website. Spending more time means a lot of things including… LOWER BOUNCE RATE! yay!


5. Provide better Readability

Welcome to a website where you see text the size of ants. Or RED color text on a bright background. Never a great picture. Keep your images, fonts etc well sized for all audiences. Remember business can some from anywhere..


6. Split up long posts

Gone are the days when long posts used to rule. In-fact there were never such days anyways. No one is interested in long stories. If you are going through this post and have read it till this point, that means i am doing a good job to write this article. If yes, what did i do write here. Yep, kept it short, simple, structured and maybe a bit cheesy. hehe


7. Make responsive layouts

CANNOT stress it enough. Trust me guys, this is the age of mobiles. It was shocking for us to collect reports from analytics to notice that more than 40% of our visitors are coming from various mobile devices like Tabs and Smart phones. To make things comfortable for them, it was a wise decision to make our website responsive, so they don’t have a problem accessing our content. Results??? LOW BOUNCE RATE!!! and yes better conversions.


8. Good contrast

Imagine this: Floroscent background with bright red boxes just popping up like zombies! Only this time the zombies are after your retina than your brains. Trust me, keep is simple, subtle and you will have good stay time.


9. Check Browser performance
Always ALWAYS check your website in different browsers and in old versions of same browsers. The world is HUGE and you have NO control over what operating system or browser that BIG client is coming to your website. The best you can do is make sure you check and test the site everywhere. A good web design agency would already be taking care of these things. Where to find that kind of a company? Well, for starters you are already on their website. 🙂


So Guys, By following these steps you can reduce your website bounce rate which increase your traffic as well as online business Growth.




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