Importants Tips to Repurpose your Website Content

Posting great content doesn’t mean that your job is done. Constant production and distribution of new content is an ongoing process and it requires time, discipline and dedicated resources for executing and implementing a plan . Before you start considering it an impossible task to get, here are some valuable tips to simplify the process and make the most from your content, without bearing high costs.

Eliminate the Sales Pitch

Content marketing varies from direct marketing, in terms of tools and approach, however you can still make both these coordinate. You can make use of materials you already have for direct marketing, remove sales pitch and get relevant messages aimed at casual customers.

A good way to do this is to announce a new service or product by posting press release in a blog post, and it should stress on the qualities and purpose of your product, along with educating customers about other crucial points. Another option is to arrange a webinar just for providing valuable information to your customers. Your focus should be on providing value, rather than extracting it out of your consumers.

Multipurpose Media

The content execution’s flexibility can be enhanced considerably with multimedia assets, which provide the customers a more interactive and engrossing experience. Make creative use of an Instagram photo in a blog post, as well as later turning it into a thumbnail to accompany a Facebook update.

Videos are another interactive medium and these can be embedded in blog posts, articles, shared on YouTube channel, posted as link on Twitter, Facebook and SoundCloud. All these worldwide mediums present immense sharing opportunities. You cannot underestimate the global reach of these channels and the role these can play in popularizing your video.

Using Hyperlinks

A highly cost effective and easy method which can be adopted for repurposing your website content and expanding its reach is with hyperlinks which connect back to it. You can place these links all over your content, thus providing your readers an easy way to source related information or relevant content. However, avoid placing too many hyperlinks as these can distract the readers.

Leveraging Recommendations

The best time to hold your reader’s interest is when they are thinking about the next experience. Whether it is yours or some publisher site, you can make use of discovery platforms for directing your readers to more content. It is a good way for keeping them engaged, as well as improving longevity of your website content.

Think Beyond Yourself

Many times more attention is paid on generating content, rather than consuming it. If you really want to provide content which will appeal your consumers, then you should pay attention to what is interesting and relevant in your specific domain. Capitalizing on what is currently popular in your industry is a good way to help your consumers associate with your brand.

Researching and presenting similar content present on other sites will not do any good for you or your consumers. Your focus should be on using other resources as inspiration, while adding your own unique touch to an already existing piece of information, providing your perspective to readers.

Maintain Editorial Calendar

Maintaining an editorial calendar can feel like an unnecessary burden but it is worth your efforts, especially when it comes to planning the website content. Firstly, it encourages you to find answers to some of the really crucial questions about your content, such as the audiences you are targeting, the kind of content they will find interesting or useful, the content which should be your priority, when time is limited, etc.

Finding these answers will help you to choose the right kind and amount of channels required for posting and publishing your content. The next step of optimizing the content should be taken on from there.

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