Top 10 VR Games and Apps that are Chartbusters of the Game Dev Industry

While still young and fresh, Google Cardboard and VR are hitting the stage with some impressive and mighty VR apps and games by different Virtual Reality Software Development companies that offer a totally immersive experience like never before.


This technology is poised to be the next big thing in media entertainment. As the number of Google Cardboard and VR apps and games grow, we have compiled a list of our favorites thus far and believe the following are a great place to start if you’re looking to dabble in the exciting world of VR.


bomb squad

There aren’t many VR games to choose from as of now however, Bombsquad is an explosive and entertaining game with polished graphics and a rich selection of characters. While tracking can be a bit of a headache, the game effects are excellent making Bombsquad arguably the best Google Cardboard VR game on the market.

Sites in VR:

sites in vr

Meander on Mars or marvel at the beauty of Islamic architecture in Istanbul. Sites in VR is a wonderful opportunity to take virtual tours of famous landmarks from Europe to the Middle East. The app offers a variety of beautiful sites from tombs, castles and mosques to museums, nature and space. Take your kids on a 360 degree view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or step inside the iconic Egyptian Pyramids.



Dare to watch this virtual reality nightmare that makes you the main character in the horror that surrounds you. The audio effects are creepy and the jump scares will make your skin crawl. Headphones offer the best, most terrifying experience so turn off the lights, pile on the covers  and try to play through the entire game!

Rollercoaster VR:

vr roller coster

What’s a Google Cardboard and VR apps and games rundown without a rollercoaster VR app? We have explored many and find this one to be the most interesting. If you’re dabbling in VR apps and games for the first time, start here and enjoy the dizzying ride through jungles and the deep sea.

War of Words VR:

war of worlds VR

Arguably one of the best, most compelling experiences in a VR app, War of Words transports you to the battlefields of the Somme in 1916 while a pleasant voice recites Siegfried Sassoon’s poem The Kiss. As the voice carries on with a reading, the battlefield rages around you in all its violence and brutality.

Though, there is only one poem at the moment and has not been updated recently.

Inmind VR:


While short in duration, this entertaining and educational Google Cardboard VR game takes you on a journey through a mentally ill person’s brain in search of neurons that caused the disorder. Interesting for kids and adults, this game offers an immersive experience into the mysterious human mind.



A truly horrifying concept with fluid game effects, excellent design and suspense that isn’t for the faint of heart. Sisters is so scary you may find it difficult to finish the entire app in one go however, it’s worth a download if you live for the excitement of horror and are new to VR.

Google Cardboard Camera:

google cardboard

Google has an app that allows you to take 360 degree, virtual reality photos that can be viewed through cardboard. Just download the app on your Android phone, hold it in front of you and move in a circle. The app will stitch together an impressive image while also capturing audio.


youtube vr

To many vlogger’s excitement, YouTube added 360 degree videos giving viewers even more content to browse through. You can now experience the captivating sites of your favorite travel vloggers or the 2016 elections in a new, more dynamic way.

Lamper VR:

lamper vr

Fun and addictive, this VR game drops you in the world of Lamper, a firefly who must defend the kingdom of Lampers. The graphics are beautiful with great audio effects that generate an entertaining and immersive experience.

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