Top 7 Brand Campaigns that Ruled 2013

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The top brand campaigns listed here are unique, whether it is the innovative idea they are built in or it is their design which make them stand apart.

A booming brand campaign is a mix of several things. It can be dramatic or amusing, wonderfully shot or has some controversy attached to it. It might lead to utter bewilderment shaking your beliefs or bring home the point in an easily acceptable way.

The base line is that the perception of a first-class campaign can vary from one viewer to another, but for a client it should be effective. The idea however can be different, for some it could mean getting more clients, while for other positioning their brand in a unique.

Most tremendous and amazing are those which twist the popular views and bring in something totally fresh. The campaigns we have listed here have done something similar, read on to know more…

1 – O2: Be More Dog

The domain of mobile companies is extremely competitive, as they know that customers can change in a moment if they see a better tariff plan, better deal or better service. So they always aim to create a remarkable impact.

Talking about UK market, it was Orange who always dominated with its memorable ads, while Three was more inclined towards surreal.  O2 and Vodafone have brought a refreshing and innovative twist to the usual. Their recent success is the Be More Dog campaign by O2. This 60 second long TV advertisement has become the favourite of many with its feline and lethargic protagonist which transforms into an exuberant personality. This campaign is further strengthened by a creative print campaign, social media and as well as an interactive and interesting game.

2 – Adobe: Creative Cloud

Although the debate going on among the designers world over about subscription only software offered by Adobe might not seem to end soon, but the amazing ad campaign for its official launch has certainly set new benchmarks for others.

Video, web, design and photography are the four basis catered by Creative Cloud and to do full justification to these, Adobe roped in world renowned Dvein, qubibi, Vasava and Erik Johansson to add their unique touch to the identity of equally innovative CC.

Vasava, based in Barcelona and leading the design team, created a bird shaped log. Offering an enticing explanation of the logo design, Bruno Sellés calls it free to go wherever the wind takes it and its tail and wings ignite sparkles and unfold as they touch the ground.

3 – Nike: Reuse-a-shoe

Aimed around popularizing the concept of recycling old shoes into Nike Grind, this campaign has been around since 1990. This innovative material is primarily used for producing courts, running tracks, synthetic turf pitches, as well as plenty of other surfaces.

ManvsMachine, a prominent motion studio, was brought on board in 2013 for revamping the campaign in an engrossing twist, to spread awareness about Reuse-a-shoe, as well as 450,000 locations where Nike Grind has been used worldwide. The campaign is an amazingly creative piece following the lifespan of a shoe, and how it is given a new lease of life.

4 – Beck’s: Art in Progress

Established in Britain and based in New York, Vault49 is a design studio which innovatively led this illustration dominated campaign for a prominent beer brand, Beck’s. beautifully signifying the popular trend of using visuals styled like production line, reflecting the process of creation, the ad primarily shows different ingredients which are put together in a Beck’s bottle.

This incredibly conceptualized ad campaign does not represent the production process as it is, but gives a completely imaginative feel. Tubes are weaver around bottles, as the robot assistants make use of various tools, in the end a cool beer bottle emerges through the white mist.

The studio explains their thought process regarding this campaign calling it an imagination that weaved through their minds after sipping a few of the brews and which took them through the golden expanses. That is the inspiration that they go to come up with this art inspired campaign for Beck’s and the amazing results are clear for all to see.

5 – Pantone: Rain Edition


Emerging From the collaboration of two Italian creatives, Matteo Gallinelli and Giuliano Lo Re, this campaign is very beautifully dominated by colours, as would have been expected. However, what makes this concept different is rather than being a play of usual rainbow cards, it very imaginatively explores the connection between colour and rain water.

According to the creators, this campaign blends the world of Pantone, dust, rain, mixed all together with a splash of creativity, lending a playful touch to the brand identity.

6 – Marmite: Don’t forget it

It definitely takes self-awareness and guts to accept that there are many who hate what a brand popularizes, but as well as make it the central theme of a promotional campaign. And that is exactly what Love-Hate by Marmite does.

An initiative by Adam&EveDDB, this campaign actually satirises the appeals of animal cruelty and urges people to pay attention to the neglected jams of Marmite nationwide. Although it was equally hated by many, as it was praised by others, this campaign has ended up being truly memorable.

7 – Nespresso – One Second of Emotion

Soleil Noir Paris and ChezEddy’s joint collaboration, this beautiful ad campaign is designed for Nespresso, a sub-brand of popular coffee brand Nestle. This ad campaign dominated by the feel of luxuriance and elegance is a feast for your eyes, wonderfully focusing on the sensual and smooth quality of this coffee.

What attracts people the most towards this Maxime Bruneel directed film is that how beautifully it captures the splashing and dripping of liquid in slow motion, while it transforms into abstracts forms and shapes. Apart from the rich brown shade usually associated with coffee, the ad brings in a touch of other shades as well, to portray the diversity of this product range.

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