Top Eight WordPress Errors to Avoid

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In this article we have outlined some major errors made by designers while working with WordPress and tips to avoid them from spoiling your work.

Making mistakes is ordinary; however difficulty arises when same errors are repeated again and again. Apart from slowing the design method, these can also cause safety issues. Listed here are these ordinary errors and helpful methods for avoiding them and make your WordPress websites perform better, quicker and more securely.


Keeping the admin as the administrator


This error is being made continually since many years. WordPress creates admin username by default and assigns it to administrator level. This predictable action can make it easy for hackers to attach your site. Combining this with a weak password can make it even simpler for hackers.


Posting content through administrator


It is very important to keep the WordPress installation disguised. Making predictable moves can prove costly for you. Guessing the username becomes easier when it is clearly displayed on post.


Reserving the account of administrator level only for backend use is advised here. For using as an author you can create a separate contributor account. Writing content as author is still possible, by assigning post to contributor before posting it live.


Using ‘wp_’ as table prefix


Making unpredictable moves is the safest way for avoiding being hacked. As WordPress is used to power innumerable website, it is a known fact that ‘wp_’ is default for tables. It implies that keeping the same table prefix can make it easy for the hackers to guess that ‘wp_options’ is site options.


Changing table prefix is very easy. You can do it manually in wp-config.php file during installation or through form field while auto installing.


It is better to think of something that cannot be guessed easily, as you will not need to consider it ever again.



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Keeping the same salts and keys

For the knowledge of those who are not aware of salt and keys, present in wp-config.php file these are used for authenticating users who have logged in, as well as their machines. Earlier hackers could easily steal the session cookies you have logged in, while acting as you. The passphrases nowadays make it almost impossible for the hackers.


Many people think generating salts is difficult. However it can be easily done with WordPress.


Not having a back up

Avoiding the errors mentioned above can definitely keep your website secure to some extent, however security is never guaranteed these days and chances are that your site might get hacked. In that case you can opt for plenty of ways for restoring. Complete restoration points are offered by Bluehost on weekly, monthly and daily basis. VaultPress can also be used for backing up everything, including your content, themes and many more. It might not be free but offers the best solution. BachWPup is another good option.


Categories outnumbering the tags

Organization and planning of site architecture is very important, as it has an impact on SEO, load time and even the time visitors spend on the site. Every designer, developer and even blogger should spend some time evaluating the content and consider site organization.


Contrary to popular belief adding categories is not limited to main nav. It can be done by visiting Screen options located in Menus of Appearance and turn the tags and posts on. Sites having heavy content usually need popular posts and tags in main nav.


Overlooking the cache

You are giving up valuable load time by staying ignored or overlooking the importance of caching. WordPress is a dynamic CMS driven by database. Users visiting your website send a message to server for requesting information from your particular database. Then this content is used for populating your site, by creating a HTML markup. By caching, the finalized markup can be saved and eliminating the needs for visiting database. Efficiency is increased by this, while downtime is decreased. Those looking for managed hosting can use WP Engine, which offers amazing built caching, making your task very simple and easy.


Ignoring updates of WordPress


It might not be easy to remember when your sties need to update to new WordPress version. We will talk about the management of multiple sites later. Developers and contributors of WordPress are constantly working for improving WordPress, its efficiency, speed and user interface. However as it is attacked by a bug, an update is sent right away. It implies that outdated WordPress versions are more vulnerable.


As updating WordPress just takes one click, thus you need not to worry about it consuming your time. There is a big misconception about WordPress breaking as you try to update it. However, this is not true at all and not even amusing. It is definitely not possible for your site to break when updated; however, you can still test it first for your assurance, in case you are not too confident.


The above mentioned errors are quite common and the ones that are being made by developers right now as well. These can not only have an adverse impact on the current project you are working on, but can also make your websites insecure in future. By making you aware of these mistakes and helping you understand easy ways to avoid them, this article is aimed at improving your work and helping you create safe and effective websites.

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