Top email marketing challenges and ways to tackle them

Email marketing forms an important part of your sales process, but there are various challenges to make the most of this significant marketing tool. Many email marketers find it really tough to adapt the new strategies leaving the old and not those successful practices. But where there are challenges, there are also solutions that can help you to build a successful email marketing campaign.


1. Subject lines and pre-header are given no importance


One of the most common practices followed by the email marketers is that the most important things are done at the last second. At times, email marketers think about the subject line of the email at the last moment when they are about to send the email. In today’s new era of personalized computing, tablets and Smartphones have a significant role so it is important that the subject lines and the second subject line of the email are catchy enough t grasp customers’ attention. The consumers and busy professionals tend to read emails on their mobiles and they instantly delete the emails if they do not find subject line to be catchy.


SolutionBefore actually finalising an email campaign, you should first create a rough design which highlights what your key business goals are and some options for your subject line and pre header. Through this strategic planning, your subject line will be strong and more attractive to grasp the attention of subscribers.


2. Knowledge about your subscribers reading emails


Often email marketers create email programs but do not manage them well. By this we mean, that most of the email marketers are not even aware that whether their subscribers are reading their emails on mobile devices or not.


Solution – Knowledge is very important to create and manage an email campaign. Before creating an email strategy, you should know how many subscribers are actually using a mobile device for reading emails. Get this complete date before you create a game plan. You can easily ascertain this data by simple tracking. You can even ask your email partner to assist you in the same.


3. Having a creative team to design emails


Creating an email and web content are two different things. Gone are the days, when people used to think designing email is not an important task. But today, people know about the significance of email designing. They know what a well functioned and structured email is. They know email designing is quite different from web designing.


Solution – You should hire experts who are proficient in email designing. Whether you are a free lancer, creative director or email agency, always hire designers who are passionate about email designing. You can always share the emails that you like with your email designing team and discuss with them internally why you liked these emails. This can give them a fair idea about your expectations for the emails.


4. More exposure


Make sure your email program is not siloed within your organization. You can do that by sharing your business metrics or business scoreboard with people outside your team. Let them know how your business has grown within years, and provide them with reviews from your subscribers and internal stakeholders. This will make your program more visible.


5. Understanding about how email works


You should have a deep understanding of how email works before you actually start your email marketing campaign.


In order to design an email, you should first be aware of your goals.  Email marketing is one of the most effective online marketing tools. It is usually used to promote your business, sending apps and generating leads. It build loyalty, trust and brand awareness. Using this tool effectively can indeed increase the ROI of your business

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