Unity 3D Coders required

Job opening for Unity 3D programmers full time in Chandigarh at Miracle Studios.
Please review the following information and submit builds to be eligible for vacancy.


Demo Project

1) Use the Mountains Road model as repetative enviromnment.

2) The hummer would be on the road and would be moving at normal speed.

3) The hummer would move left and right using iphone tiling (gyroscope)

4) The outerpost would be placed at random positions as a hinderance, and the OBJECTIVE is to drive the car and avoid these outerposts.




1) Coding to be done in C#

2) Demo to be supplied using test flight only. at email: raj (at) miraclestudios.in


 Extra Notes:

Developer is free to add anything else as per detailing, like sky box, environment, music, SFX, Power etc.

All models are low poly and are in FBX format which is compatible in Unity.

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