Ways in which content can be amplified on LinkedIn

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Launched in 2003, LinkedIn soon became famous as the preferred social network for professionals, as well as a convenient platform for those looking for a place to post the resume.

Since its launch, this platform has been successful in attracting a massive number of 225 million users globally. The activities they indulge in on LinkedIn are not limited to showcasing their ambitions and skills, but also have conversations about particular topics, search for jobs and stay updated about latest news of their chosen field.

With the launch of LinkedIn Today in 2011, a major change was seen in the way users interacted with this platform and LinkedIn was quickly transformed into a prominent publishing platform. This was further made famous by LinkedIn Influencers. This features allows many of the world’s leaders considered to be the topmost to share their insights with users on this network.

Many updates in the publishing strategy have been beneficial for media organizations, as well as prominent individuals. At the same time many business owners and entrepreneurs have found this platform ideal for sharing their content. Many entrepreneurs have admitted to giving preference to LinkedIn over other platforms as the social network of their choice.

Here we are sharing four strategies for entrepreneurs to make the most of LinkedIn.

Know the basics

Being active on the LinkedIn is easy for entrepreneurs due to the presence of various options in the form of so many groups, content tools and publishing features. However individuals must be aware of the way their profile appears to the other users.

It has been clearly stated in LinkedIn data that having a picture on your profile can increase the chances of your profile to be seen by others by seven times. Maintaining your LinkedIn profile is not a difficult task and once you have been able to build a foundation, you can be assured to get good returns, without making much effort.

Value of LinkedIn groups

Around 2 million groups are present on LinkedIn, allowing users to join conversation on any topic, be it the food industry, Australian football or start-ups.

Entrepreneurs can get a chance to join LinkedIn Groups and be a part of many valuable conversations. However, too much marketing can also prove damaging for your brand.

Groups are certainly a main feature of LinkedIn. However, some users find these groups to be too noisy and inappropriate for sharing good information, as a lot of users are posting irrelevant content or promoting themselves more than required.

You should try and add value to groups with your information. That is why many entrepreneurs have come up with their own groups, relevant to their particular business area.

You can also make use of the feature which allows you to send a message to multiple group members as an announcement. Although some entrepreneurs do find this feature much appealing, as it cannot be customized like newsletters, but your message can be easily spread among potential clients without incurring any cost.

Never underestimate the impact of SlideShare

A prominent platform for sharing content, SlideShare was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012. this step definitely proved beneficial from the perspective of user base, as SlideShare attracts 50 million above visitors every month. At the same time it enables users to share and upload presentations, videos and inforgraphics, thus adding a unique visual feature to the text dominated site LinkedIn.

However, the contribution of SlideShare is not limited to being an appealing visual elements. It is also considered a powerful tool for sharing smart and valuable information.

Realize the power of a LinkedIn Influencer

The number of LinkedIn Influencers surpasses 300, including some of the world leader in various industries. When the posts of these Influencers are promoted via LinkedIn Today platform, their area of reach expands.

A post by an average Influencer can get 100 comments and 25,000 views on an average. LinkedIn might not be accepting any more applications for Influencers at the moment, however you are not required to join this program to make a lasting impact. LinkedIn is fast emerging as a prominent publishing platform which most users did not even imagine.

For all the entrepreneurs, willing to start a new company or enter a partnership, LinkedIn Influencer program is considered to be a good platform for expanding their reach. As you are viewed as an expert of a relevant field, thus it also gives you a social boost.

LinkedIn Influencer program offers its users an opportunity of longer form and a vast distribution network. Although both these things are very crucial, however everyone is able to share content via this network.

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