Web Design Predictions For 2014

The web and graphic design is an ever-evolving industry. Each year brings lots of excitement and surprises with it. And there are a lot of surprises in store in 2014, especially for people working in technology and web design. 2013 saw a lot of new trends, some of which have begun to fade and some of them are still going strong. Based on these observations we can make some predictions about web design trends that we can foresee in the coming year.


Flat Designs


Flat Designs was one of the biggest trends that had emerged in 2013 and is still going strong. Gone are the days when popping logos and icons were used on the website to attract the visitors. With the growing popularity of handheld devices, designers are now looking for flat designs that can appear smoothly on flat screens. Today the flat screen is the most popular element in web designing, but as we know trends and design industry are ever changing, users will start expecting more out of flat designs in the coming future. Stable development is expected in flat designing which means layered designs will be more prevalent in the coming years.


Responsive is expected to take over mobiles


It is predicted that in the year 2015, mobiles and tablets internet usage will take over conventional PCs and laptops. Till now we have seen that this challenge was being countered by the specific mobile website. However, a mobile site along with a regular website front means that there are two specific online campaigns. As per the future google updates there is no space for two different websites. In today’s revolutionary business world, time is money and to save time and money, meaningful design needs to be created that can erase the requirement of two websites.


Endless Scrolling and less clicking


Scrolling a website is easier than clicking through links to access information. A website with dozens of pages offering different products and services are no more popular. Clicking on different links is not only tedious, but can also be a reason for visitors abandoning the site.  It is expected that in future scrolling will be more popular than clicking. The users are now more interested in reading everything about your site on a single page instead of clicking on different links that land you on different pages. Although if we see from the SEO point of view, a multi-page website will have more SEO power, but the design evolution is expected to focus more on the content providing website in the form of a single page instead of a multi-page website. The growing popularity of Smartphones has made users fallen in love with scrolling.


Parallax Scrolling


A good web design is the one which is remembered by the users. One of the newest and innovative trends to emerge in the web design industry is the parallax scrolling. Many brands have switched to this fresh trend due to the ‘wow’ factor that it adds to their website. It is basically used to show objects and images moving at different speeds to create a long lasting visual effect on the user’s mind. It is perfect for integrating storytelling on your website.


Integration of HTML5 Videos


The HTML5 videos that run in the background of the web pages can highlight the important strengths and services which can further create an impression on the mind of user within few seconds.


Less is better


Instead of blurbs about what your company does, businesses are now opting short and impressive videos to provide information to the users. Videos are easy to share on social media platforms and are a great mode to interact with the users.


The future is uncertain. But the current trends and developments can help us in anticipating the upcoming trends. The pace at which graphic and web designing is expanding, we can predict that more innovative and exceptional designs can be seen coming up in the future.



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