Web Design Trends for 2014

In the world of the Internet, the rate of web development is increases; web designing is also increasing his importance in 2013.  Therefore, In 2014 is the year of changes, Changes that you can and implement from creative design to large format media. Here are  top 4 web design trends  to Follow in 2014.


Flat Design

Flat design is a conservative design approach that increases usability.  The benefits of flat design are being recognized and implemented ubiquitously  clean ,  crisp edge,  open space,  bright colors and two  dimension  flat illustration.  . For those who are unfamiliar with the concept,  flat design abandons  3D and shading techniques, commonly used by website designers in the past, for simple layouts,  flat colors, and a less cluttered look. Therefore, the benefit of this design choice is a sleek and clean looking interface that guess at modernity and currently sits at the cutting edge of web design trends in 2014.


Use Of Video in Place of Text

Video is the well defined /established and able to convey meaning in the way that text simply cannot. In 2014, the use of video instead of text will more trend setter, because of his product demonstrations, a human face, and a greater feeling of engagement and conversation features. While all the more in profundity and scrutinized discussions still require the competencies and usefulness of text, so let’s consider looking into video as a method for all the more rapidly and effectively showing convenience, accommodation, and item esteem.


Parallax Scrolling

In 2013 Parallax scrolling was very famous.  It is an interesting technique that lets background images move  slower than foreground images for creating the illusion of 3D depth and to make visuals appear more dynamic. In 2014 will also bring new and more story-oriented parallax scrolling method with a great way to dynamically present content while engaging the user.



Interactive Infographics


In 2014, the most web design pattern will be interactive Infographics.  Infographic has assumed an important part in designing in 2013.  It will be enormous thing in this year also, because of interactivity that will help the clients or users information possible out of them will be all the rage . Therefore, Infographic viewers will begin to have higher and higher standards for their design and their content.  So get splitting and start working on your interactive Infographic models and follow this trend.


This is the list of the largest web design trends we can expect to see in 2014. Hope you enjoy the information. Have a nice weekend..!!!

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