Web Designing Tools Trending this Season

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The web designing tool have taken  the web development norms by storm advancing with each passion season. There are hundreds of web designing tools that help you attain a personalised visage for your web property. Taking a remarkable leap from the conventional designs of plain texts, these have made the websites more responsive and robust in their performance.


Project management tools received a thumbs up from corporate teams around the world. Trello, a web designing theme that helps develops a similar functionality has emerged as preferred one amongst the hundred.  The main display is divided into spades that clearly shows the status and progress of a project. Commenting, attaching files, prioritising jobs and sharing can be done easily. Plus it is available for free.

TypeCast beta

Typography has gained momentum over the years and the web designers are not left untouched. However, choosing the most appropriate font from numerous resources only adds pain to the job. Typecast beta provides options to choose fonts from Fontdeck, Typekit, Fonts.com and Google. The biggest benefit here is the eligibility to compare the fonts with different designs and then purchase one. Unlike other themes where you are bound to purchase one even before trying, Typecast beta is a cool alternative.

Sublime Text 2

Handling the code the way you want is a functionality rarely offered by web designers. Sublime Text 2 that emerges as a rare exception helps you bestow a customised look and feel to the text editor. While minimap offers a speedy navigation, editing features such as code collapse and indent are handled effectively. Some of the popular programming languages supported here are C++, Markdown and Clojure.

Phonegap 2.0

The handheld gadget revolution setting in needs no introduction. While browsing traditional websites on mobile phones is mind squeezing, the concept of building mobile friendly web themes took flight years back. Phonegap 2.0 is a fantastic alternative to take care of different APIs, languages, browsers, file formats. No wonder there is a plethora of apps, Phonegap 2.0 has successfully reached a broader spectrum of users covering all mobile platforms including Windows 8.


Developers and designers have plunged at this magical web theme that creates stunning lighting effects for DOM elements in the 3D space. Crediting much to the CSS transform property, Photon can get a bit heavy on the traditional processors. Thus, you better be ready with an efficient system to use this one. Exhibiting the look and feel of an Origami crane, latest versions of web browsers would do better justice to its functionality.

Adobe Edge Inspect

Adobe’s Edge Inspect, formally known as the Adobe Shadow comes as a boon for mobile developers. Discounting a huge hassle from designing coding, all you need to do is pair your iOS or Android devices with your systems and witness the sites you browse on the main machine being echoed on the connected devices. Plus, customised features are just a section of code away.

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