What Features Make AngularJS Huge in Application Development

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AngularJS is one of the best tool sets to build the framework which is most suitable to the application development. It is the most unique and fully extensible and works well with several other libraries. Every feature of it can be modified and replaced as well as per the requirement of the unique development workflow and the need of the features.


The AngularJS development  reads HTML which contains the additional custom tag attributes and it then obeys the directives in those customized attributes and it binds the input or output part of the page to a model which is represented by a standard JavaScript variables. These variables can also be set manually or can be retrieved from static or dynamic JSON resources.


Why AngularJS?


AngularJS  is a framework which classifies various concepts in order to organize your web application properly. It enhances the HTML by the directives to your web pages along with the new attributes or the tags to define the commanding templates directly in your HTML.


AngularJS also summarizes the performance of your applications in the controllers. With the usage of dependency injection, the AngularJS enables you to structure your Java script and also to test its codes very easily.


Features of AngularJS:


Double Way Data Binding: With the 2-way data binding, AngularJS enables the applications to run real time, and hence it is the most important feature of it as well. The 2-way data binding binds the view permanently to the model and also reduces the refresh cycles. It also saves the amount of codes considerably to manipulate traversing and listening to DOM.


HTML Template:  AngularJS uses browser ‘parseable .html files’ instead of relying on any of the rendering engines for its partials. Browser parses the HTML templates in the DOM and presently DOM is the input to the compiler of AngularJS.


Directives:  Directives are the elements that stand alone separated from the applications. Directives are responsible for all DOM manipulations and it also creates custom HTML tags in order to serve new custom widgets. With the directives you can now create a new HTML attribute or tag and make it do anything that you desire. The directives are very useful,unique,reusable and powerful feature which is only available in AngularJS. With the help of derivatives you can also invent some of the new HTML syntax which is specifically based on your application.


Testing:  Keeping testability in mind, AngularJS is designed so that the angular applications can be tested easily as the Java-script codes mostly come with a strong set of tests attached. The AngularJS also comes with setup of an end to end test runner.


These basic principles and features of AngularJS can let you create a maintainable, performance driven, efficient and extensible frontend codebase.  AngularJS offers a quality experience to the end users as it is the robust and perfectly maintained Java-script framework which is suitable for any of the professional web development platform.


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