What is Concrete5? Where Can You Find the Best Concrete5 Developers

What is Concrete5 ?


Concrete5 is one of the three biggest open source website systems in the market right now. It is a robust system that hosts a lot of add-ons, themes that allows you to edit your easy and difficult content right on the website. You can build a lot of different content systems using concrete5. The type of CMS that are being built are:


• Online magazines and newspapers.
• eCommerce sites
• Extranets and Intranets
• Government web sites
• Small business web sites
• Non-profit and organization web sites
• Community-based portals
• Church, club and team web sites
• Personal or family homepages
• Marketing focused sites for a corporation
• Any school, college or university web site
• Online communities


Who can use concrete5?


Building a website is only half the battle won, website maintenance needs more time and effort. Concrete5 is ideal for those who are searching for a result that allows them to build and run websites with minimum technical expertise. And, this is where concrete5 wins the CMS war. Most CMS are built for either building the website or just maintaining the website.


When the website is built on a single platform it is easier for the website owner to run the website as cross functional issues are not anymore.


This is a open source CMS that is a boon for the developers.


Concrete5 is appropriate for developers, agencies designers and all the other people who don’t have a lot of technical knowledge.


Features of Concrete5?


Concrete5 has been built for the easy building and maintaining of the website. Thus, it has the following features:



It is extremely easy to use and setup, and while working on concrete5 developers do not have to consult the documentation too often. It is user friendly and needs a less amount of time getting used to.With an excellent live site editor, the website owner can just drag and drop elements on the page. For editing the elements on the website, all you need to do is click edit from the options menu.


Flexible and Easily Customizable

Concret5 offers a flexible system that can be tweaked just the way you like it for the mainstream websites. Many features are customizable that lets you bring that specific branding to your website. However, for niche photography or video blogs concrete5 might not be a very good option. It is good for the everyday websites.


Active Community

Concrete5 is open source CMS that has an active community of developers. The code is owned by everybody who makes it possible for regular updates and standardization of the code for a large variety of users. With forums, chat sessions and newsletters it is a good platform even for beginners who can be sure that they will have enough support from more experienced concrete5 developers.


Alongwith an active community is also has a agile bug tracker and code submission mechanism that helps developers sort out issues faster and in a more efficient way.


Full Time or Dedicated Concrete5 Developers


Concrete5 is a well known developer platform which is powering sites like HP, JCPenney and many more. It requires a certain kind of expertise to handle its drag and drop features. One of the agencies that can handle this kind of work is Miracle Studios. With experienced team that has cross platform expertise and dedicated team members, clients have experienced exemplary websites created for them.


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