What is Google Glass and why you should look out for this?

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Google’s latest launch internet enabled glasses – are these a view of the future or just a silly idea? We try to explore more about this invention below as we discuss what this gadget actually is, as well as its future scope

Google Glass is considered to the newest invention of Google in terms of wearable technology. It is basically a pair of glasses, incorporated with many sensors, such as accelerometer, gyroscope, Wi-Fi, mobile browsers, 12.6 gig hard drive, Bluetooth adapter which can be connected to a smart phone. You can even shoot 720p videos with its 8 mega pixel came.

Although the product has been launched recently, here is an overview of some amazing things which this incredible gadget makes possible.

You can click photos and record videos and later share these on Google+ or any of your preferred social networks.

You can get fresh weather updates, as well as location alerts around you, which are updated after 10 minutes when connected to internet via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

You can get directions through GPS, only with an Android phone which is paired.

You can carry out Google Search through text.

Google Hangout for Video hangout.

This device has its own set of apps, called Glassware, which are already being offered by many publisher platforms and partners.

What the future holds?

Constant innovations are being made by designers to incorporate more features and functions in this wonderful innovation. It is already being considered nothing less than a dream come true for tech savvy people. New apps are being offered to ensure a completely out of this world experience for its users. Glassware Apps, such as Tesla Glass, are already being launched, letting Tesla owners to check their cars, as well as issue commands through its heads up display. Another app is Kitch Me, which acts as a kitchen companion and lets you create wonderful recipes that you could only imagine before.

Exploring potential uses of Google Glass Heads up displays and holograms, making you able to control the environment and bestow you with more senses – you might have already seen it all in sci-fi movies. But what Google Glass can possibly enable you to do in future can include:

Letting Public officials to scan people’s faces with their future versions of Google Glass, thus searching for criminals. Also the sensors have been fitted for detecting variations in an individual’s body temperatures, thus helping them to identify and track down criminal activities.

Instant directions being given to fireman to help navigate a building under fire with their infrared scanners and apps for detection which are connected with the database of building blueprint.

Athletes can get instant updates about their location, as well as vital tips sent by their trainers and do all this without reaching for their phones.

Advertisers can send relevant offers and promotions according to your location, lifestyle, habits and other factors which a predictive algorithm lists as the most appealing for you.

You can enjoy the moment and capture it in your glass without having to reach for their cameras or adjust the lens. You can snap photos, share stories and even carry out payment transactions.

Doctors are better able to help their patients by interacting with specialists around the world. Thus saving lives and sharing ultimate and latest scientific discoveries.

Get information about a product which you see in a store or in someone’s hands. The information includes reviews, prices, as well as people in your circle who like or hate the products.

You receive reminders from your personal assistant regarding special events, as well as pick up the best gift for someone close. Along with the reminder also get the location of a few places which can have the best gift suited to the occasion, which is decided based on your activities on social medial, as well as the emails you exchange.

Google definitely has a lot to do before it can actually offer its users the fantasies mentioned above in reality. However, Google is known to keep its words and this has been proven with the introduction of cars which do no require a driver, as well the prototype of Google Glass.

Google Glass incorporated with cutting edge features and sensors enables you to stay connected to the world by combining the capacities of internet with human convenience. Most of the things which required you to depend on your phone can now be easily done with Google Glass. So watch out for this gift which is sure to make the coming times more exciting and entertaining for you.

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