What makes Online Shoppers shun E-commerce Websites?

Most of e-commerce website owners fail to understand the reason behind shoppers’ resistance towards e-commerce portals. Despite its increasing popularity, still most of the online shoppers get appalled at the mere mention of online shopping. Let’s discuss what mistakes online retailers do and how can they avoid them to turn browsers into buyers-


The foremost issue that crops up in the mind of an online shopper is that of insecurity of the website. He is always skeptical about the security a website has to offer. If your website gives an impression that it is not safe to deal with even if it is otherwise, it will be a great turn-off for the shopper. This usually occurs due to the fact that online retailers are ignorant towards this crucial aspect.


They should make sure that their design and content should speak volumes about the transactional and other data protection security measures. If they fail to make their potential customers secure at their site, they will never be able to convert clicks into sales. The other issue that forces visitors to say goodbye to an ecommerce portal is the technical problems and bugs in the site. If your potential client is unable to shop due to technical issues of the site, then surely your site is only good enough to display things and nothing else.


Did I forget to mention the insufficiency of product information? Well, this is another biggest issue online shoppers deal with. They fail to get enough information and images about the product they intend to buy. Lack of sufficient information either delays purchase decision or presses prospective client to outrightly reject the idea of buying.


Further, difficulty in using shopping cart options, complexity of checkout forms etc are other client-repellent aspects of ecommerce websites. The sites which are not visually appealing or have slow web page loading time are other reasons of shunning a particular ecommerce portal.


Not to forget, a new client will never trust your site if it doesn’t have genuine customer testimonials and feedbacks. Testimonials, authentic feedbacks and product reviews have psychological impact on the buyers which motivate them to have faith in the site and its working. If it is missing, then you are surely going to miss on potential buyers. To do icing on the cake, lack of delivery options turn down the customer’s morale especially when they are planning to buy from an ecommerce website owner established in a foreign land. One has to have myriad delivery options to assure customers that their goods will reach safely and in-time.


What can be done to make an ecommerce website user-friendly?


Though there is no sure-shot way to make your ecommerce site popular among the shoppers, yet you can resort to few practices to make it user-friendly. Among these practices, easy navigation and ample of product information tops the chart. Moreover, if your site looks professional enough to be trusted, nothing can beat it. The other major factors include security, flexible delivery options, and affordable prices of the goods, correct stock information, fast web page loading, product comparisons and genuine customer feedback.


If an ecommerce website inculcates above-mentioned factors in their portals, there is no stopping them from gaining huge profits. With this they will not only be able to generate new clients but will also be able to retain existing customers. An ecommerce website that offers these basic yet very significant facilities to the potential clients can emerge as a great ecommerce facilitator.


So, conquer the world of online shopping and become a reigning eCommerce honcho!

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