What not to do at Linkedin

LinkedIn One of the best services for a professionals and organisation for their growth. But we need to know how to use LinkedIn apps so that we can make good networks all over the world. So there are few steps that “what not to do with LinkedIn App”.

Ask a corporate professional as to when did he last visit his LinkedIn Page and he might respond back by saying he does it often. Facebook has its own domain of splurging followers and Linkedin aims at hitting the bull’s eye. Facebook is the second most visited website in the world while Linkedin stays at 11th position. To boost its user friendliness, Linkedin too jumped in the apps business. Apps have made it more visible and so has your market presence. However, using more and more apps is not a wise approach. It’s all about how you pull it and not how much you use it. Checkout the following important tips for using Linkedin Apps in an efficient way.

Check for multiple application with similar service

Don’t use multiple apps serving the same purpose. This will only push you into confusion and shall utilize more time. Better use the extra time in searching for more apps that have a completely different functionality. Broaden your horizon and upgrade from just getting resumes and profile written in different ways. Check for the fantastic time management and project management apps.

Don’t be the Jack of all trades!

Download, install and learn one app at a time. Unless you master one app, don’t jump over the other. Try to exploit the features of an app in best possible way. Check for its technical assistance and gather as much information as you can. Once you do it, shortlist your requirements and then search for a new one. Plus don’t ignore any addition in the store. Read details of all. Who knows you may end up liking an app you never thought of.


Sharing is the basic principle of networking. It is a healthy practise to share information over the web. Keeping yourself divorced off the discussions will yield nothing. Visit other’s profiles, check what apps they are using and if you find it interesting, share it on your profile page. This will bring value to your web corporate presence and even encourage others to share your apps. The more you share, more you gain.

Use your Linkedin Apps frequently

It leaves a tainted impression if your profile page or the blog is not updated. Viewers might perceive you as a non serious executive. Of course you can’t afford that. If you are using Slideshare, then upload presentations regularly. If you can’t then at least check what others have updated and leave a comment. Just don’t let the network forget you.

Think before sharing crucial information

Although Linkedin is a professional network, it still has a difference from Facebook. Linkedin means serious business. Don’t upload confidential information as it may lure your competitors to play their move more smartly. Shockingly, a lot of CMM level 5 company executives end up sharing project information and client acquisition strategies. You should take more time to explore the website and note down the important dos and don’ts.
Last and not least is an urge to understand that there is a big difference between Facebook and Linkedin.

Linkedin is not meant for uploading holiday pics and sharing jokes. Please make sure your profile page has relevant content and caters to business discussions only.

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