What Not to Do at SEO?

SEO ( Search engine optimization) Is the raging internet marketing techniques that is aimed to improving the ranking of the website  in the list of search engine results. But some time some of internet marketing company don’t work according to  Google algorithm guidance and then after update in algorithms search engine penalize or punish the website.  They lost your ranking ,  traffic  and online business.  So today I am here to share with you what not to do at seo. .

Higher the rankings, the more traffic a website generates and subsequently better business/revenue which is why more and more websites have plunged at employing an Internet marketing company to boost their search engine rankings for various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. and reach their target audience better.

What to be avoided in SEO promotion

While SEO is an effective internet marketing technique, it can also lead to a permanent ban on a website if it’s not done ethically and if a certain search engine believes that a particular website is breaking certain rules. Here are the practices that you should be avoiding while promoting your website using search engine optimization.

First of all, don’t use keywords excessively in the content. Your strategy for high keyword density might backfire if you end up using them anywhere and everywhere without keeping their relevance in mind. Also this activity can get your website penalised by the search engines.

Secondly don’t stuff your website with too many ads, that too ads of different things which have no relationship with any of the content on your website. Place only those ads which are relevant to your content and which reflect your topics of focus. Also make sure there is a well-defined area on your website for ads and they are not randomly placed.

Thirdly, never use links that can redirect your website’s readers to scam websites. It can have an adverse effect on your website’s reputation and will not generate loyal audience for your website which is required in the long run.

Fourthly, don’t stuff your website with way too many animations, videos and pictures without any good reason. Too many animations, videos and pictures, many of which have less or no relevance to your website can repel search engines greatly.

Fifthly, don’t practice reciprocal linking at all because lately search engines have started recognising this practice and have even begun penalising the websites which do reciprocal linking. Reciprocal linking means two websites providing links to each other.

Lastly, don’t spam other websites’ comments sections and conversation/discussion forums with links of your website. Spamming in such a manner will not only infuriate the owners of the websites where you are posting your website’s link again and again but will also give your website a very undesirable reputation and degrade its status among search engines.

What to be done in SEO promotion

It is important to approach an Internet marketing company whose cognisance of the bits and bytes fetches greater results. SEO techniques entail working around the manner in which a particular search engine works to make sure that the search engine finds the website more relevant and worthy. It often involves using the right keywords which are typed into the search boxes by the web users and making sure the website content is considered to be in accordance with what a web user is searching for.

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