Why are iOS apps still better?

Believe it or not but mobile apps shall soon push the PC software’s out from your mind whenever you would think of accessing any information on this planet. While market giants have taken a plunge into the business, nothing beats the apps backed by the ‘Apple with a bite’. Apps that come embedded on the iOS platform in Apple products were the first of their kind. Everything else emerged later; let it be the Microsoft’s endeavor with the Windows apps or the more hyped Android, developed and managed by Google.


In these times when handheld technology is brimming, more and more apps are splurging in. Subsequently, competition gets stiffer and quality gets better. Before deciding upon purchasing the most popular handheld gadget, make sure you do your homework properly in knowing everything you could about the iOS apps.


They appear better

No matter how much money you had pooled in purchasing an expensive gadget, a crystal clear visage makes apps look more stunning and exciting.  There is no better provider of touch displays than Apple. Apple tablets come with retina display that have a more than clear appearance with a user friendly navigation control. This makes your browsing and clicking on the apps smoother. The bottom line rests with the fact that iOS platforms don’t support any other hardware than Apple. Of course many of the apps are available across platforms, the difference stays in the pleasure of viewing and ease in using.


More durable

In the simplest of words, iOS apps don’t hang in between while the same apps on other platforms surrender when used continuously for long. Whether you are playing a game or accessing regular updates, different applications are well integrated that encourage smoother multi tasking.


Business boosting

iOS apps are smarter in promoting your business. The development platform makes it easier for the customers to extract substantial information about your brand and services with minimal browsing. Moreover, even if you don’t have a fulltime calling tech support, apps will do that for you. iOS apps have quick chat messengers installed that assist your clients and customers in leaving their queries behind for you to troubleshoot later.


Accessibility and downloads

Thousands of apps are being built and introduced at the online stores. It becomes the need of the hour to have a smart navigation service for you to browse through the large menu in an efficient way. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the important ones and similarly the apps themselves starve for an easier visibility. Apple online store places the information briefly and streamline the apps into categories that are easily accessible. There are no jungles of numerous tabs, categories and plugins that would rather get you lost and create confusion. Search, browse and downloads are extremely user friendly with a robust application for accomplished transactions.


Quicker upgrades

iOS apps don’t die on upgrade platforms. Even if some of them do, upgrading them to the newer version of the OS can be achieved with a blink of an eye.


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