Why choose YII Framework for PHP applications over others?

YII stands for ‘Yes It Is’ and is an open-source component based PHP web application framework written in PHP5. Initially every developer was skeptical about the YII framework. The questions for which he seeks answers were,’ Is the framework fast and secure?’ ‘Is it feasible for the next project?’  ‘Will it give professional results?’ And the only answer to all these questions are, ‘Yes It Is’. And this is how it gets its name YII.


Though every framework has its own significance but this object-oriented framework has surpassed other frameworks in terms of performance. YII is the highest performance oriented framework and has emerged as the best framework for developing web 2.0 applications.


It allows the developers to frame intricate applications that too on-time. Whether a single developer or a team of developers are initiating simple or extremely complex project, the framework exceeds expectations. It also equips the developer to develop ‘DRY’ (Don’t Repeat Yourself) designs. YII framework endorses great documentation in a super-fast manner.


This framework extends extreme power with strong code controlling that result into highly professional end product. Apart from fast performance, it is also fast in framework release. The team is introducing lot many features in the framework and it is growing extensively. It is apt for any size of project. One can have complete autonomy over the configuration. And the best part is the framework has tools intact, which helps to test and debug your application to produce clean documentation.


The popularity of this framework is growing by leaps and bounds, all thanks to its extremely impressive performance metrics. It has outperformed other frameworks on the RPS basis.  RPS is ‘Request per Second’ which means the number of requests an application written in a framework can process in one second time. Clearly, higher the number of processed requests, the better the framework is.


What makes YII faster than other frameworks?


It is faster than the other frameworks simply because it uses lazy loading technique widely. Lazy loading technique postpones the initialization of an object till the time it is actually needed. On the other hand, other frameworks enable functionality and hence suffer from performance crises.


Getting back to the incredible features of YII, the list goes on and on. It also includes its notably convenient scaffolding features that will astonish you, big time in application development roadmap. One need not reinvent the wheel as the framework includes good extensions which have significantly reduced the testing attempts. Presently it includes 217 extensions and it is developing at a very fast pace. It also eases up the module development process. It facilitates easy coupling and decoupling of any database into the developed application, courtesy its database query caching which has reduced the dependency of the developer on the database. SEO URL handling and CRUD application development on YII framework is a child’s play.


YII framework is feature-oriented framework and its features are-


• Authentication and role-based access control
• Scaffolding
• DAO/Active Record
• Widgets
• I18N/L10N
• Web services
• Caching
• Theming
• Input Validation
• jQuery-based AJAX support
• Events
• Unit and Functionality testing
• Error handling and logging
• Automatic Code generation
• Internationalization and Localization
• Friendly with third party code
• Security


All in all, YII is chock-full of stunning features and is the worth a shot! This framework is lucrative because of its speed and flexibility. If you still have an iota of doubt, switch to YII framework for application development and see the difference.


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