Why Your WordPress Blog Not Popular? Check the Accessibility

In words of official WordPress Blog on accessibility, it is defined as:


“Accessibility is the degree to which a product, device, service, or environment is available to as many people as possible.” Cynthia Waddell


It is the technique of web design and development your WordPress blog in such a way that every person can study it. By each person we mean the visually challenged, hearing impaired or people who just prefer text-to-speech modules. Everyone does not access the net in the same manner; you as the blog holder want to keep in mind that everyone loves a clear, easy-to-navigate blog. A design that does not make them think and wonder, where do I go next, where are the blog archives and so on.


WordPress as a community is inclusive and it makes sure that all the content on the web is simply accessible to all. To make this job simple, WordPress plugins for accessibility are a best option. But, more on that later. First we will chat about why accessibility in a little more detail.


How can you make accessibility work for you


There are more than 20 things you can do to make your website more accessible and fast. We will be covering top 3 here.


1. Headings

Many people forget to use the correct indentation for headings and sub-headings. This is especially important for people who write long posts that are in-depth on particular topics. Headings and sub0headings make the blog “scanable”. It is a known fact that your average reader does not read, he scans. And for the people who are using audio devices to access the web, it becomes even more important for you to use headings correctly.


You might know that SEO is key, but did you know that search engines spiders check for headings tags as they index the pages of your website? Not using exact headings for each sub point means your website will drop in rankings or maybe at time period not get picked up.

2. Images

This is relevant for people who are “hearing your website”. By ensuring that you describe the images in your code, will certainly make things easier for them and raise your website’s popularity. It is not important to describe all the images, especially the decorative ones. What it means is that you need to have a balance where description is required and where it is not.


3. Links

Good quality links and attributions to quality content makes your content and website rank higher, because it is providing value to the reader. Links description makes it easy for others to hear the lines available in the text as list.


Accessibility Team

WordPress is accelerating it to more importance; it is clear from the fact that it even has an accessibility team behind the project. They are a group of passionate individuals who are all set to make WordPress more comprehensive and in turn benefit business owners or website owners by opening up their world to even more users.


They have already compiled a list of resources and tools that can help you build such a website. There are formal outreach efforts, formal style guidelines, and global mission statements iterating the focus on making WP more accessible.


Theme Audit

There is a WordPress Theme Review Team that reviews and Okays all the themes that come on WP and are available on the WP directory. This team is important now because their role in approving only those websites that are accessible is expected to increase in the coming time. As of now there are only three themes that are “accessible” in the WP directory.


Even if the themes are not accessible per se, by using the above mentioned tips you can make your WP website/blog more accessible.


The WordPress Codex now has a list of guidelines that can be used by developers to make sure that minimum accessibility is there in the final product and moreover, the themes are “accessible” enough to be considered seriously.


Plugins for Accessibility

Main plugins that is used in called as the WP Accessibility plug-in. It is a neat little plugin that incorporates the most common ways you can make your end product better for all. It optimizes your headings, links, images, colors, layout amongst other features.


We hope you found this information useful. We have even great stuff for you, head on to our website to check it out.



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