Why you need responsive web design for WordPress website?

As we know that  the internet is becoming more and more widely used on mobile devices, demand for WordPress powered websites is also augmenting. Statistics indicate that about 25% of new websites in 2014 will be powered by WordPress. But, today when one thinks of designing and developing a website, they cannot only develop websites for desktops or PCs. Today, a large percentage of people are using mobile devices like smart phones and tablets for accessing internet and browsing websites.


Responsive Web Designing, a technique that helps in developing websites that can fit into any screen size perfectly, is one of the extensively used web development techniques today. Designing websites for mobile is very critical today if one wants to achieve online success and high visibility.  WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and responsive web designing for WordPress powered websites is the key to online success in today’s cutting edge competition. Here are some statistics that signify the importance of developing websites for mobile:


  • More than 50% of e-commerce traffic was mobile in 2013.
  • More than 25% online purchases in 2013 were made from mobiles.
  • In 2012, about $1 billion was spent for online purchases on Black Friday while in 2013, $691 were spent from mobile alone.


But, today mobile devices come in various shapes and sizes, and the ever rising competition among mobile manufacturers is pushing them to experiment more with screen sizes. Thus, one cannot rely on designing websites for specific screen sizes. Responsive Web designing is the perfect technique to deploy to deliver best user experience across various devices.


Clients are looking for Responsive Designs


If you are working as a web developer today, you’ll realize that Responsive Web Designing is unavoidable not only because people have started using mobile devices extensively but also because clients are demanding it.


I, myself have experienced working with clients who have asked for mobile presence for their websites without my suggestion. Furthermore, when I explained my clients about Responsive Web Designing they not just loved the idea, but also instantly asked me to deploy it for their website. Responsive Web Designing allows website owners to maintain their current website without any requirement to create something completely new, and also enable their users to view the website on any device or any screen size.



How is WordPress Different?


Though Responsive Web Designing works on any website development platform, but there are lots of great things that one can do with by combining WordPress and Responsive Web Designing. There are various things that WordPress as a web development platform does to make Responsive Web Designing much easier. The reason is when we adopt WordPress, we are required to hand over the keys to the client and the content is the major part of the website which is quite unpredictable as well. Furthermore, WordPress gives an incredible flexibility and it is this flexibility that we, developers can take advantage of while developing a responsive website.


Another reason why WordPress is different is because it spawns a swing of CSS classes for its elements. Though it does not sound good on the surface but if viewed from the finer perspective, one can see that it gives us various fine-grained controls over all the automatically generated areas. This subsumes comments, archive areas, the post body and many more. Similarly, there are many other elements in the WordPress that work amazingly well with responsive web designing.




With more and more people using mobile devices for accessing internet and WordPress becoming more popular than ever, it has become extremely important that we make our plugins and themes responsive. With Responsive designing techniques, you can certainly deliver the perfect websites to your clients that work suitably on any screen size.


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