Why you should hire a PHP developer from India

Are you wondering why you should hire a PHP developer from India for your next website? Here’s why. India emerged on the software and IT scene almost one and half decades back when it proved its mettle as a leading international software and web developer. Today most of the software and web projects from around the world are outsourced to India and the nation is strongly regarded as an expert in Information Technology, internet technology and computer software. Home to millions of skilled software developers, the country’s IT industry is growing at an impressively fast pace and more and more projects are finding their way to Indian programmers and developers every hour and every day.


Indian software and web designers, coders, developers and programmers are not only well acquainted with complete set of tools and technologies required for various software and internet related projects, they are also extremely disciplined and are well updated with the latest advancements in technology which they expertly apply in their latest assignments. Following are the top three reasons why you should consider assigning your next website project to an Indian PHP developer.


India loves PHP

PHP has been a favourite among numerous Indian web developers who are constantly using this web development language to develop highly interactive, intuitive and attractive websites that successfully lure more and more web users and generate desired revenue for the clients. You can find numerous popular international websites on the Internet that have been developed by one or more Indian PHP developers. Also India ranks number 1 when it comes to the number of PHP developers. The nation and its PHP developers have consistently been lauded in various international forums and conventions for the phenomenal growth that the country has shown with respect to PHP development. Clearly India is in love with PHP and that shows in the work that the Indian developers have done in the past few years.


Indian developers adhere to rules and deadlines

Indian PHP developers as well as web development firms take deadlines very seriously and make sure that they deliver high quality work within the assigned deadlines. Indian developers know how much a project’s cost is affected if the development process is delayed which is why they show punctuality and discipline in their work and develop the website well in time. They further update the clients with every progression happening in the project on a regular basis and make the clients feel as if the project is being developed right where they are.


You save lot of money

Clearly one of the major reasons why so many international companies outsource their software and web development work to India is the cost effectiveness that India offers. Outsourcing work to India means you can save as much as 60 per cent of your software development costs had you been developing the project in house. it can be done in any part of the world and therefore it makes sense to do it where the cost of development is lesser such as in India. So hire a PHP developer from India and enjoy the savings!


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