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What is X Cart?


Developed by Qualiteam Software, it is an eCommerce solution. It hosts a lot of features, major ones being – customized website design, comprehensive inventory management, essential security features and extensive customer support.


With some HTML knowledge, it can be handled easily and with so many modules and great support it can turn out to be the robust e-commerce solution you have been looking for.


It comes with 12 free templates and there are 34 other that can be bought. All the templates are customizable, though as we have already said, some knowledge of HTML is required for extensive customizing.


As an ecommerce platform it offers full design and customization services, plus logo and web-graphics creation ability. What it lacks in intuitiveness, it makes up in features.


The best part about X cart for your e-commerce solution is that it can handle  multiple languages and currencies for international sales. it is also mobile friendly and makes for easy creation of responsive designs. There are many pricing plans available for all kinds of users of X Cart. Notable one is the Business Premium Plan that caters to eCommerce businesses with third-party sellers or affiliates.


It comes in with usual marketing and shopping cart features, but what sets it apart is the inventory management features. Also, it gives the ability to the ecommerce shop owners to ask for ratings on your online store but, you can control which ones to display and which ones to not. X Cart also allows for deep integration with major shopping carriers, social media and payment gateways.


It is one of the most flexible software and offers control over how viewers can access some products and set multiple pricing for same product. Automatic tax and shipping estimates is also an added feature in X Cart. This feature is fully customizable and you can control the tax and shipping estimates depending upon the geographical boundaries.


It has a large community behind it meaning that there is no dearth of support from like minded developers, designers and business people who use X Cart.


Features of XCart


As per the X Cart official website, you have these features available:
1. Sell anything – products, services, even downloads (e-goods)

2. Search options – sitemap, comprehensive product search and filters, suggestions during typing

3. Easy product browsing – products quick look, catalog pages are updated via AJAX without page reloading

4. Product viewing – product comparisons, large image product viewing within-page zoom function, specifications, out-of-stock messages

5. User-friendly shopping– wish list, saved cart sessions, printable product pages, printable invoices

6. Special pricing and promotions – discount coupons, gift certificates, quantity discounts, wholesale pricing

7. Shopping cart options – mini-cart view-able on any page

8. Fast one-page checkout (working for anonymous customers as well)

9. Customer management – memberships, second address line for user profiles, customer accounts and order history, password reminder

10. Shipping cost estimation: can quickly calculate a shipping cost for the order

11. Order management – account pages, order history, order tracking

12. Use existing accounts from social networks during checkout, Facebook comments tab and Social sharing buttons

13. Being mobile ready

14. Extensive catalog management features

15. Shipping and tax features


Why You Should Choose a Professional for X Cart development?


Unless you are making minor changes to the templates, like adding images or logos, the design section is more difficult to use than other shopping cart software. Also, the development of an e-commerce solution for your organization that is feature rich and makes for a great shopping experience, professional development is the key.


What can Miracle Studios Do For You


Designing and Developing. We have a team of expert X Cart designers and developers who have years of experience of working on many e-commerce platforms apart from X Cart. This makes them an asset to any organization because they can handle all sorts of customization and feature building, easily.



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