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Concept Art

We know it all begins with an idea. But what happens after that? Our concept artist can put your idea down on paper, and this is where the magic begins to happen.


3D Characters

This is the stage where a character starts to take shape. Our 3D artists give high importance to detailing while creating 3D models. From cartoon to ultra-realistic models, our focus is always quality.


Rigging & Animation

Only with animation does a model come to life. With the right rigging of a character, we make sure any types of animations are possible in the future. So let your models dance, play and fight. The field is all set.


3D Product Modeling

Product Modeling is an important part especially for ecommerce in this day and age. We have experience in modeling consumer electronics to vehicles for presentation and videos.


3D Architecture

In the past years, we have done several projects involving architecture. Prototyping upcoming real estate projects, or interior planning, we’ve covered it all.


3D Environment & Props

Creating 3D environments and props for a project requires high attention to detail in order to create the right mood for the project. We understand the dynamics of giving the right feel for a place.

Just In!

3D Animojis

With AR (Augmented Reality) and facial recognition already being a part of the phone tech, your next big hit could be in this category.
We understand 3D modeling in and out and have experience in making models specifically for Animojis as per Apple’s toolkit.
How about creating Animojis of a happy beer mug?

Case Study:

Stoneage Chef

Stoneage chef is an upcoming project we loved to work on. The project is a time management food cooking game based in a flintstones toonish theme.
We worked on pretty much everything in the project from environments, food, GUI to all characters.
Over 500 custom models were created in this entire project.
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Is there any difference between 3D models for Mobile games and PC games?
Although there is not much difference in terms of the process of designing the models, the primary difference is at the POLY (polygons) level. PC games use high poly models and mobile games generally use low to mid poly 3D models. Polygons (poly) in layman terms can be best described as the level of detail in a 3D model. The higher the smoothness and detailing in a 3D model, the higher the polygon count. High level of polygons need higher graphical power, hence are best used for PC games. Lower poly 3D models are used for mobile games as hand held devices have lower graphical configurations. This does not mean low poly models would be lower quality. With the right amount of details in textures low-mid poly models look just as great and do the job well.
Can you create new concepts or do I need to give my own concepts?
It can work both ways. If you have the character sketches ready, then we can easily create 3D models on top of the same. If you do not have the concepts ready, our concept artists can discuss your project and design custom concepts for your project.
Can the 3D objects be animated?
Of course, the animation process of a 3D project is called rigging. For example, when a 3D model of a human is made, it’s a static model. In order to animate it, the entire bone structure of the model is created. During the rigging process, joints are made as per the human anatomy and these joints are then connected to the main 3D model. When these joints are animated, the character gets animated.
What files do you deliver when a project is completed?
Files can be delivered in any format you require, Unity, Maya or 3D max. We deliver all source files on completion of the project.
What is the general process of developing 3D Models?
The first phase includes the idea stage on what is required and the style of any particular model. Once there is a basic understanding of the style required, the concept artist creates a sketch of the character. After the sketch, the artist gives color into the sketch to give it a personality. Once the concept is approved, the next phase is to create a model sheet of the character. This model sheet includes the outline of the character from 3 directions i.e. right, front and back. The 3D artists then use this model sheet to design a 3D character. At this stage, the character is simply a grey 3D model without any colors. The next phase is to give the model its texture and colors. Once a model is final, rigging is done for the animation process.
I need 3D Modeling for my products for Face book & Amazon listings, can you help?
Of course, we have designed over 100+ products in 3D for marketing purposes on various channels. Animated videos using 3D objects for marketing purposes are widely used in the physical products industry.
What tools are generally used to create 3D Models?
Blender, ZBrush, Maya are just some of the software’s that are used by the industry professionals.
Will the 3D Models be compatible with Unity 3D?
Yes, if the end model has to be used with particular software such as Unity, please let us know before the start of the project. If the models have to be used for games, we use standard practices for texture optimization for better performance in devices.