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We have tremendous experience working on 2D games. Generally, casual games, one-touch games, puzzles or games made for kid’s genre are made in 2D. It’s an important decision while beginning a project if it requires to be made in 3D or 2D. Some great examples of 2D games can include Angry birds, cut the rope, cooking fever etc. We use the Unity game engine for the backend development of 2D projects. Some of the 2D projects we have worked on include an intelligent combination of 3D & 2D Graphics.
View Stone age chef case study.


Certain gaming genres require 3D graphics extensively. A good example of such games include Subway Surfers, PubG, Fortnite etc. 3D games generally require more efforts than 2D games due to the required efforts in 3D modeling and animation, however, it totally depends on the individual project. With the increase in graphical power of mobile devices, many successful launches are made in 3D.

Unity Game Development

We exclusively develop games using the Unity platform and have over 5 years experience. Unity is probably the strongest platform for game creation, mainly because of the ease of use and the huge library available that helps in development. Cross-platform abilities of Unity is another strong point why our focus only on this software. Creating a project one time and having the ability to publish it for all mobile platforms, PC, Facebook and VR devices give this platform a major edge. What’s more that it’s continuously adding more platforms on which games can be published on.
Our coding team uses a structured development process, making sure the project is coded in the best possible way and can be easily built upon in the future. If you are a looking to develop a gaming project, one of the reasons why unity should be your choice is the easy availability of developers for this software.

IOS Games

Apple store has a strong dedicated user base. Some of the large-scale games in the store do millions of dollars in revenue every day. ROI through In-app purchases are high on the Apple store.


PC Gaming

With successful launches like PUB G and FORTNITE, many developers are aiming towards a hit on PC as well. Steam strategic launches can give the right exposure to any high-quality game launch.


Android Games

Android boasts of the massive user base, and porting your game to Android is a must. Free to play gaming model can easily get your game high number of downloads and ROI through video or interstitial ads.


VR Gaming

VR gaming is doing well on portable hardware devices like Oculus Go. Multiplayer games are seeing high user traction and horror games are always an attraction for VR enthusiasts.


Facebook Games

Believe it or not, porting your game to Facebook can be a really good idea. Fb has over a billion users and getting the right popularity for your game on FB can boost your users across other platforms.


Web Games

Apart from mobile games, a lot of users still play games made for the web platform. Unity allows easy porting to Web games using WEB GL.

Case Study:

Stoneage Chef

Stoneage chef is an upcoming project we loved to work on. The project is a time management food cooking game based in a flintstones toonish theme.
We worked on pretty much everything in the project from environments, food, GUI to all characters.
Over 500 custom models were created in this entire project.
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Which is the best platform to develop mobile games?
According to us, Unity is the preferred gaming engine to build on. It is cross-platform and robust.
What is the general process to develop a game?
Every gaming project starts with a Scope of worksheet. After the discussion on the concept and requirements, our team would design the entire scope of work for the project. This SOW includes the entire modules and tasks in a project with their hourly estimates. Once the tasks are understood, the entire project is divided into multiple milestones. A team is set up with a dedicated project manager to initiate the project. The initial phase is primarily the designing work, where the creative and the look of the project is finalized. The second phase includes the development and coding of the game as per the SOW. The last phase includes testing and launch of the project. Designing the marketing material for the launch and promotion is also a part of the last phase.
Can I develop a VR Game and port the same for Oculus, Vive and other VR hardware devices?
Yes, with Unity gaming engine porting to various hardware devices is easy. There is no requirement to rebuild the game for a different platform again. This saves a lot of time, effort and gives the game more coverage.
Do you help in the promotion of a game?
We are primarily a development company, but we are aware of paid promotional ways to push a game. We can give the necessary guidance on what works and what does not and even connect you to the right people. However, it is important to know that a quality and interesting project works on its own.