• 3D Modeling & Animation

    It’s a different experience bringing something new to life. All animated movies that you see make use of 3D models. 3D modeling gives us the ability to create something out of nothing. The 3D modeling team at Miracle has worked on 3D models for PC games, Mobile games and even product concepts. With a team that consists of sketch artists, visualizers, 3D Modelers and animators – your adventure is just a call away.
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  • Game Development

    Who says work is boring? It’s surely not when you create games for a living. Miracle has a team of young and talented game developers ranging from concept artists to unity programmers. In the past 4 years we have worked on several large-scale games, which have perfected our development process. This helps our clients get the full value of our experience and a structured approach. We understand what needs to be done, and we know it from Day One.
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  • Augmented Reality

    There is no denying the fact that Augmented Reality is the future. With new technology such as Microsoft HoloLens & Magic Leap paving the way, AR will be there to stay. The real world uses of Augmented Reality are tremendous, as AR is not limited to gaming or a particular niche. It is something that would be used mainstream in every industry such as engineering, education, health and more. We have been working with AR since the initial days of projecting animations of Bar Codes, and we are seeing future unfold in front of our eyes. Remember the scenes out of Star Trek and Avatar? Well, they are not that far away.
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  • Virtual Reality

    Did you know the concept of VR glasses like Oculus has been around since the 80’s? Virtual Reality is a highly interesting technology which is still in its very early stages. Yes, even with huge corporations like Facebook, HTC and Play Stations jumping on the bandwagon – we are still seeing very early days of VR. As the technology gets better and the hardware more easy to use, VR could see a complete shift in the coming years. Player one ready anyone?
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Case Study:

Stoneage Chef

Stoneage chef is an upcoming project we loved to work on. The project is a time management food cooking game based in a flintstones toonish theme.
We worked on pretty much everything in the project from environments, food, GUI to all characters.
Over 500 custom models were created in this entire project.
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