vr development
Oculus is working hard on making VR highly accessible and mobile. With launches like Oculus Go, and the VR store having plenty of content, VR is being made for every age group and genre.
HTC played a master stroke when it introduced the hand held controllers for movement and general gameplay. Visualizing your own hands in VR give a more immerse feeling and real world experience. Horror games that require a player to move around in an environment have seen a surge in users. Why play a game, when you can be in it?
Gear VR by Samsung is in partnership with Oculus. The object is to make use of your mobile power to give a high end VR experience. Recently Gear VR launched controllers with their hardware making movement and navigation experience much better.
VR is not restricted to high-end devices with high price tags. For entry-level VR enthusiasts plenty of devices are available in the market which use your mobile devices to give a VR experience. We have worked closely with PROCUS – a company which manufacturers such devices. In some case the numbers these devices are seeing are much are higher than high-end devices. One of our horror VR game saw 1.5 Million downloads on the Google Play Store alone.

VR for Simulations:

VR is extensively being used in simulations, especially for driving and flying. These simulations are working well for real-life situations and increasing confidence and experience of a user.


VR for training:

Training for armed forces, firefighters and the medical professional is done using VR. These training help give these professionals the much-needed exposure to such dangerous situations without putting them in danger.


VR for theme parks:

Every theme park is seeing VR games included in their entertainment. Special hardware’s are being developed to give people an ultra-realistic VR experience. We have worked on several action games in VR that are connected to special hardware.


VR Gaming:

VR games are on the rise. If you head over to the app stores and search for VR games, you can get an idea of the user base such projects have. VR gaming is an integral part of the entire VR ecosystem.


VR or Psychology:

VR is being used to get over fears as they trick the mind in believing the user is actually there. VR apps that simulate fear heights, water bodies etc have helped people come out of their phobias.


VR for Education:

VR can play an important role in education. Nothing can teach a student more than actually letting them be there. Imagine being on top of Jupiters soil to understand the storm system and the moons it has.

Case Study:


Isolated VR is a horror game based in the 1950’s. You wake up in an asylum and your objective is to find a way out. In an FPS gameplay, the users move around the haunted environment to search for clues. It takes almost an hour for an average user to find a way out.
Our team designed the entire project from scratch, and maps were cleverly designed to make the gameplay full of horror.
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